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Cigees calssic kit

Cigees LTD are located in the UK at Evans Business Centre in Dinnington, South Yorkshire.

From what we know Cigees move to a larger facility has been necessary due to the increasing demand of products in the UK and overseas.  From the new Cigees fulfillment center they supply Electronic Cigarettes and accessories directly to users from the web site and wholesale to the retail market.

Cigees E-cigs offer Classic Kit, Majestic kit, Break free kit and the CE5 Refiller kit. This review will be about the New Break Free Superkit . I hope that it will be useful to someone because it’s hard to find reviews about this brand.

First, what I want to mention is that Cigees have a very affordable range of products.  Very important to me was the Cigee great customer service. If you have any questions, you can contact them either via email or phone.  They answer really fast too.  It may take a few hours, but I received a reply just 5 minutes after initial contact was made. Okay, let’s start the Cigees review!

Cigees Offer:

·         Starter Kit Range –£12.00 – £48.00
·         Cartridge Life –Equal to 20 cigarettes
·         Charger Options –Wall, USB, Car
·         Money back guarantee –30 day
·         Cartridge Cost –£1.4 each
·         Battery Life –200+ Puffs
·         Discount –10%

Cigees Packaging and Shipping

cigees top e-cigs

I purchased the New Break Free Superkit. It isn’t the cheapest Cigees kit, but comes with 3 high capacity batteries. This means that you do not have to worry about taking your charger when you leave home. The Break Free Kit comes with 2 chargers and 12 refills too. You can buy all of these items separately as well. Cigees offer cheaper kits too, for example, the Classic kit which only costs £12.00 or you can buy CE5 refiller starter kit which cost £10.20 This is a fantastic price for a starter kit!

Packaging looks pretty good and very professional as you can see in image number two. Very professional packaging without being cumbersome and obtrusive!  The most important items in the Break Free Superkit are:

  • 3 High capacity batteries
  • 2 Chargers
  • 12 Refills
  • Car charging adaptor
  • Classic Pouch and Lanyard, Stylish Leather Effect Carrying Case
  • Full instructions are included

One important thing is the Break Free Superkit is equivalent to 200 Normal Tobacco Cigarettes, so you can save a ton of money with the Superkit. As I mentioned earlier, they have good customer service and shipping was extremely fast.  It took 48 hours for my order, but if you want fast shipping and receive delivery on the following working day, you must place your order before 3:00 PM.

My impressions of Cigees are of high quality cigs with one of the best customer service that I’ve ever experienced.

Cigees packaging

Cigees batteries


cigees batteries

One important component in electronic cigs is the battery, It seems I’m always  somewhere  out where there is no possibility to recharge batteries, so I normally use E-Cig kits which include at least 2 batteries – this is the main reason why I chose the Break Free Superkit with 3 batteries.  I never have to worry that the battery will discharge because I have another battery with me.

Cigees batteries last a long time. I was able to take around 230 inhales without recharging; I was able to get by with one battery for 1.5 days. This much battery life will satisfy the needs of all smokers.

The Classic High Capacity 240mah Battery is larger than most on the market and lasts longer. It is 82mm long – others being offered are much smaller. I should say it’s one of most powerful batteries in electronic cigs on the market at the moment.  This means you have a long use without charging. Last, but not least, the battery has a nice price/quality option.  The Classic Electronic Cigarette High Capacity Battery costs only £6.60, if you want buy it.  It`s one of the cheapest offers on the E-cigs market.

Cigees flavour


Cigees elestronic cigs cartridges

I didn’t mention it earlier, but I like electronic cigs with real tobacco taste. Cigees tobacco vapour tastes and feels like a real cigarette and that is very important to me. I was really satisfied with Cigees flavour. The Cigees smoke looks very realistic as well, which is another benefit.

Overall, the Cigees flavour tastes like real tobacco cigs and is one of the best cigs I’ve ever tried.

Cigees Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, Cigees customer service is great. Cigees offers a variety of ways to get in touch.  You can call them or write an email. When I needed a little consultation I received a reply just 5 hours later. It’s very impressive to me to hear from them that soon.

Cigees offers the following four kits:

  • Classic starter kit –£12
  • Majestic kit –£36
  • Break Free kit –£48
  • CE5 Refiller kit –£30


If you just want to try Cigees I recommend you start with Classic starter kit which costs as little as £12.00,  or Cigees new product CE5 Refiller kit which cost only £10.20.  I suggest you buy Majestic kit or as me Break Free kit, if you want to get all items that I mentioned earlier, such as 3 batteries, 2 chargers, 12 refills and more.

Cigees Disposable cigarette

Cigees also offer a new e cig product E Brun Disposable Tobacco, it will be perfect if you want to make sure you have an E-Cigarette for times when you run out of Battery power. Cigees e burn disposable tobacco are long lasting model which give you, depending on use, up to the equivalent of 40 cigarettes. It`s great idea buy Cigees disposable e cig just for trying first time.Cigees Disposable cig is Tobacco Flavoured and has a 20mg nicotine content  and cost only £2.40.

Cigees Review in summary

I’m very impressed with Cigees with the highest quality in flavour and tastes and looks like real tobacco cigs.  It is very important to have an E-cig with real tobacco taste. Cigees is one of the best E-Cigs I have ever tried.  The customer service is great and most importantly, it is very fast as well.

Verdict, Recommend



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