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We have personally tested and reviewed several electronic cigarette brands. Our reviews are complete and have all the needed information you need to make an informed e-cigs purchase.

Below you can find our top 5 brands, ranked by our personal preference.

E Cigs top rank

RankE-CigsPriceE-Cigs RaitingInfo
Electronic cigs raitingJacvapour e-cigsJacvapour cig priceE-Cigs raiting
E Cigs rankCigees e-cigsCigees e cigs priceE-Cigs raiting
E-CIGS rankapollo cigsapollo cigs priceE-Cigs raiting
Electronic cigs raitingbosslifecigarsbosslifecigarse-cigs rank
Electronic cigarettes rankHalocigs reviewHalocigs pricee-cigs rank

Epuffer-world leader of vapour

epuffer vapours

Global company and world leader in electronic cigarette manufacturing industry with Headquarters in United Kingdom, United States and Canada. More HERE!


Jacvapour Series-E

jacvapour series e

One of the most buying product in UK now is tested here!. Exclusive Designed by JAC Vapour for vapers looking for a kit that provides a quality build, power and reliability at a portable size!

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 Key facts:

#1 x battery with 1000mAh (optional second battery can be added).
#A portable 78mm length with beauty ring attached (68mm without).
#Improved contact with all tanks via the spring loaded positive connector.
#Solid Stainless Steel build for durability.
#’Click button set’ 3 step variable voltage (3.7v, 4.2v and 4.8).
#Reliable, advanced safety features.
#Designed to match the popular 18.5mm tanks on the market.
#Compatible with any eGo or 510 thread tanks.

New Jac vapour liquids series is available

e liquids

Cigees Electronic Cigs


Cigees offer one of the best price/quality electronic cigs in UK. Here we not talk about money, first it is about quality and then about price

The top e-cig brand in UK offers quality e-cigarette items and accessories that has made it popular among the e-cig community in a very short duration.

Due to its affordable pricing, high capacity batteries, and flavoursome e-juices, we believe Cigees e-cigs deserves the status of top cig in UK.


Halo Electronic cigs

Halo electronic cigs

New electronic cigarette brand with high quality e-liquid!!

Made in the United States of America! Buy a truly American made product!

Contains one of the best electronic cig battery ever!!!

Both beginner and advanced vapers would find the perfect e-cig that is suited to their vaping needs. Halo G-6 series starter kits satiates the needs of beginner vapors. While, the triton series starter are perfect for vapers who want to go extra high during their vaping sessions, read full review or visit site.

Future Shisha Cigs

future shisha cigs

Choose your own style!

Future Shisha e-cigarettes have a distinctive stylish flair to them that makes it different from the crowd. The high performance e-cig battery allows endless vaping pleasure that requires less recharge.Read full review.

 Pal Electronic Cigs

pal e cig design

Pal e-cigarette is one of those brands that come with plenty of e-cig flavours along with high performance and reliable battery.

You can walk outside or to the front of the bar without worrying much about the impression you make when holding the e-cigarette between your fingers! Read more here.

Apollo Electronic Cigs

apollo cigarette

The one of leading e cigarette brand name with extraordinary electric battery life. The leading electronic cigarette brand name in UK made available a host of e cigarette starter packages that satisfies the demands of various vapors. Read full Apollo review


Smokesation Electronic Cigs

Smokesation cigs

Smokesation offer various types of e-cigarette intended to suit the vaping style of distinctive vapers.

Both easygoing and genuine e-cig vaper will discover a perfect e-cigarette suitable to their preferring.


Redcig Tobacco Taste Electronic Cigs

redcig e cigs

Over 1 000 000 clients around the world!!!

Redcig are premium quality e-cigs, which are all made to ISO premium quality standards.

This makes them one of the safest and most affordable to use brands out there!



Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Produce The Following:

  • Offensive Smoke
  • Ash
  • Fire / Flame Hazards
  • Cheaper than Cigarettes
  • Smoke “almost” Anywhere
  • Cheaper
  • Modern and Evironmentally Conscious
  • They can be used in many places that don’t allow tobacco and cigarette use
  • They do not contain many harmful substances and so on….

Electronic cigarettes are frequently used in almost all public places and in spots where normal tobacco cigarettes would not be allowed.

The main concern today is on people who do not smoke. They don’t want to breathe the smoker’s cigarette smoke. The use of the electronic cigarette is not only safe, but also protects the wishes of non-smoking bystanders in respect to their health.

Electronic cigarettes in no way compares to the effects of regular tobacco smoking, where the smoke of the tobacco is inhaled into human lungs, including thousands of harmful substances. It has helped fuel the popularity and growth of a large variety of electronic cigarettes for this and many other reasons.

E-cigs statistics in 2013 will be about 1.7 billion sold.

E-cigs market in 2014 february in UK over £66 billion, how much gows in 2015 ? I think over £80 billion.

As we can see in 2015 November the top searches in the internet are: electronic cigarettes, e vapors,vaping kits, e liquids, electronic cigs.

Yes, electronic cigs now search less then 2013/2014 but it is a logical, it`s not a new product more, now is electronic vapor time, they start popular day after day. If you want to read more about vapors and vaping kits you can read here about: Jacvapour vaping kits, Future shisha vapors reviews.

electronic cigarettes





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